Tanmayi Mohan – In Her Shoes


It’s not all about planning and strategising with Tanmayi Mohan, Digital Marketing Head – Bahrain, at LuLu Group International. We take a dip into the fun side of this creative expert with a zest for the essence of life.

What’s your favourite childhood memory?
Summers! Laying on the grass with my family around – sun-kissed and carefree, slurping mangoes and being happily lost in the world of books.

A superpower that you wish you had.
Teleportation – so I can travel the world and meet my loved ones without any visa or ticketing hassles.

What would you advise your younger self?
The Universe always has a plan – things will fall beautifully in place when they’re meant to. Every bump, every hurdle prepares you for something bigger. So don’t stress over the little things, trust the process, keep your faith and enjoy every second of the journey.

What’s your favourite fragrance / aroma?
Nothing brightens my mood quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee, jasmine flowers and the rain.

Where would you want to travel to next?
Well, the list keeps changing but currently Greece tops it!

Name three unusual things that are always in your bag.
Ketchup or hot sauce, a Sudoku puzzle, Axe oil.

An item of clothing you wish you could wear more of.
Can I say my pyjamas?

Your favourite cuisine and dish?
I’ve been loving and bingeing on Turkish food since I moved to Bahrain, but my favourite dish, in true Indian style, is a good ol’ Dum Biryani.

What’s a valuable lesson learnt at your job?
Work with equal zest and enthusiasm every day, like it’s your first day! And teamwork can conquer the stormiest of work days.

A movie you don’t mind seeing on repeat and why.
Forrest Gump – it encapsulates an appreciation for life, gratitude for the little joys, and a kind of innocent simplicity in today’s world.