Celebrating Women in Education


As we celebrate Bahraini Women’s Day, we take pride in the extraordinary contributions of women across various fields, and the University College of Bahrain (UCB) stands as a beacon of empowerment for women in education and beyond.

UCB recognises the invaluable role of women in shaping the future, and it is with great pride that it highlights the fact that a significant 66 percent of its employees are female. This deliberate choice stems from a belief in the intelligence and knowledge that women bring to the table. It is a testament to UCB’s commitment to gender diversity and equality that its university President is a remarkable woman leading with vision and dedication.

This commitment goes beyond the workplace and it extends into the fabric of UCB’s educational philosophy. It is dedicated to nurturing the talents of its female students, encouraging them to excel in their studies and empowering them to become future entrepreneurs.

A number of success stories have emerged from the institution, including Ms. Nada Nasser Al-Thawadi, a Bahraini woman and MBA graduate, who is grateful for UCB’s unwavering support. Under the guidance of Professor Shaikh Khalid bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, UCB empowered her and other fellow women, fostering academic and leadership growth. Their commitment equips them to make meaningful contributions to the progress and development of Bahrain.

Another MBA student, Ms. Noura bin Zaman is another testament to the transformative impact of UCB. As a beacon of academic excellence and empowerment, UCB has been instrumental in shaping Noura’s journey, fostering inclusivity, celebrating achievements, and cultivating a commitment to sustainability, which has laid the foundation for her success and that of others.

As the Kingdom celebrates Bahraini Women’s Day, it is important to acknowledge the accomplishments of these remarkable individuals but also recognise the broader culture of support and encouragement that UCB instils in every female student. Together, the institution empowers minds and ignite futures, ensuring that the legacy of Bahraini women continues to inspire generations to come.