All Eyes on the Bride


Woman This Month explores the top 5 wedding dress trends for 2024 through HAZAR Haute Couture’s modern collection.

Weddings have long been seen as the ultimate celebration of love. There’s plenty to think of in the lead up to the big day – rings, flowers, catering, the wedding party, the venue and more. However, when all is said and done, all eyes will be on the bride, so the perfect wedding dress is essential.

HAZAR Haute Couture recently unveiled its modern collection with an ode to traditional design and craftsmanship, and it is absolutely dreamy. The HAZAR Haute Couture 2024 collection finds opulence in the movement between modern imagination and HAZAR ‘s artisan craftsmanship. Celebrating glamorous bridal elegance in modern silhouettes, exceptional detailing, and subtle sparkle of crystal dust. From fairy tale ball gowns to simple lines, the variety of styles presents an opportunity for every bride.

In anticipation of the upcoming wedding season, we explore the most beloved wedding dress trends for 2024 with HAZAR Haute Couture.

Bows take on a crucial role in defining the latest wedding dress trends. From petite bows to larger statement accents, the HAZAR Haute Couture collection embodies the romantic beauty of this timeless trend. A bow adds a timeless feminine touch and a festive flourish to any look. Each bow is carefully crafted to complement the gown’s silhouette, symbolising a beautiful union of elegance and charm.

The drop-waist silhouette emerges as a hallmark of effortless sophistication in HAZAR’s 2024 bridal collection. With its relaxed yet refined appeal, this trend is a modern twist. A drop-waist ensures that brides move with grace and ease throughout their celebration. The drop-waist silhouette illustrates a fusion of modernity, allowing brides to feel comfort and style on their special day.

Veils are paramount in reimagining romance and individuality. From delicate lace veils to modern interpretations, HAZAR’s collection offers a diverse range to complement and enhance the bridal ensemble. Each veil is thoughtfully designed to add an extra layer of enchantment to the bride’s beautiful story and complete her captivating look.

Floral appliques celebrate the captivating beauty of nature and render a unique beauty to the gown. Each gown in this collection showcases intricately designed floral elements, carefully positioned to capture the delicate and breath-taking essence of flowers in bloom.

Sleek lines and sophisticated structural shapes redefine the landscape of bridal fashion in this collection. Each gown is meticulously crafted to flatter the feminine figure, ensuring the bride’s confidence. From modern interpretations to classic silhouettes, structural shapes play a key role in exemplifying elegance.

Whichever you choose, we’re positive that your special day will be one to remember. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Woman This Month.