Isle of Flavour


As air travel is slowly and surely returning to pre-pandemic times, many of us are craving that giddy anticipation that going on a trip brings with it. So what if hoping onto a plane that lands in a heavenly island fringed with fine white sands and turquoise waters is not an option right now…

you can whip up a meal that’ll take you right there in your imagination.

Coconut Crepe Cannoli, Berry Compote, Cardamom and Rose Cremeux (Makes 1 Portion)

For Folhi (crepes)
50 grams All Purpose Flour
30 ml Coconut Milk
50 ml Full Cream Milk
10 grams Sugar
10 grams Butter
Salt to taste
For Filling
50 grams Fresh Coconut
40 grams Jaggery
3 grams Pandan Leaves
2 grams Cardamon Powder
1 gram Cinnamon Powder
For the Rose Cremeux
50 grams Pastry Cream
50 grams Sweet Whipped Cream
10 ml Rose Syrup
15 ml Coconut Milk

Place all these ingredients in a bowl and whip with the help of a hand blender. Keep cool in the refrigerator.

For the Berry Compote
Place stawberries of your choice in a saucepan. Add sugar and juice or water. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to low and simmer until the strawberries are all soft


For Folhi
Take a bowl, put the flour in it, add salt and sugar and mix it well, slowly pour the both the milk and with help of whisk mix well until smooth.

Heat butter in a pan and when moderately hot, pour the batter, and make a crepe of it.
Keep aside and let it cool.

For folhi filling
Heat a pan and put jaggery in it to caramelise it. Add pandan leaves, cardamon and cinnamon powder, add fresh desiccated coconut. Mix well and allow to cool.
Place the mixture on to the crepe and roll it like cannoli.

Add coconut milk to the Rose Cremeux if required to make it smoother. With the help of a piping bag, pipe it onto the plated folhi. Drizzle with the Berry Compote and enjoy!

Tofu in rice paper rolls (Makes 1 Portion)

1 Sheet Rice Paper Roll
50 grams Silken Tofu (thin strips)
10 grams Cucumber, cut into juliennes
10 grams Scallion stalks
10 grams Carrot, cut into juliennes
10 grams Fresh Coriander Stalks
10 grams Celery, cut into juliennes
1 Fresh Romaine Lettuce Leaf
3-4 Fresh Mint Leaves
10 grams Beans Sprouts
20 grams Glass Noodles
2 Kafir Lime Leaves
10 grams Salted Peanuts, crushed
100 ml Oil for frying noodles for nest

For Dipping Sauce
50 ml Hoisin Sauce
10 ml Lime Juice
10 grams Palm Sugar
2 grams Bird Eye Chili, crushed
5 grams Lemongrass, finely chopped)

For Dipping Sauce
In a bowl, mix all the ingredients well, keep cool in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
For Vegan Tofu Cigar
Fill a large bowl with warm water.
Submerge the rice papers into the water for 3-5 seconds.
Take it out of the water and lay on a flat surface to start placing tofu, cucumber, scallions, carrot, fresh coriander stalks, celery, fresh lettuce leave, beans sprout and fresh mint leaves.
Fold the left and right edges of the rice paper in, then roll firmly into a tight cylinder.
Place on a bed of cooked noodles and serve immediately with the Hoisin Lime dipping sauce.