Mid-Season, New Style!

Now that we’re between seasons, our fashion and beauty editor picks her favourite looks and micro-trends from the Resort 2015 collection. 

Cool Legs
Combo shorts plus a long coat is a casual but chic pick. Paired with Oxford shoes, it’s perfect for a relaxed day look that can be carried into a cool evening. Alice + Olivia has brought out the brand’s style by opting for matching patterns. Choose a solid colour piece and team it up with a printed number.

January-2015_Fashion_Forward1Street Walking
A classic pair of flats always adds the finishing touches without showing off. Jimmy Choo Cruise collection brings a selection of timeless pieces to be worn with your favourite looks. The designs are offered in a variety of trendy colours. These shoes can also be found in pink, gold and black with mini studs.

Vivid Stroke
January-2015_Fashion_Forward2Fendi and its graphic coordination impresses every time. For their Resort collection, the colours and patterns explore the brand’s name in a subtle way, creating an artistic composition. Those flowers give another dimension to the visual effects of the look. Those shoes, on the other hand, clash with the overall look. Sophisticated crocs aren’t convincing enough.

Minimal Sophistication
Feminine minimalism is the very definition of Nina Ricci’s designs. Fine fabrics, tailored cuts and well-planned colour palettes are easily spotted in this mid-season collection. The bold-patterned pencil skirt gives a twist to this traditional item – a staple in a business woman’s wardrobe. Burgundy and purple is an unusual combination, but in this case, works a dream.

Pattern Express
January-2015_Fashion_Forward3Most brands have a trademark to define their DNA – and Etro has it down. Paying particular attention to its prints, the brand plays with colours and motifs in a unique way. The accessories embrace the theme and complement the looks with their own identity. Shoes and handbags follow suit with similar shapes and colour palettes.

Maximum Elegance
We love some laid-back style! A woman who looks chic without showing how much effort she put into her look, is our idea of being well-dressed. Donna Karan is all about bringing this kind of woman to its Resort collection. The comfy look is a lot more complex than we think. The lightweight trousers are well balanced with the shirt and parka, while the delicate sandals and neutral colour complete the look. The trick is to select the pieces carefully to get that understated wow factor.

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