New Year, New – Beauty Essentials


It’s a brand-new year, and with it comes the need for new beauty essentials that will up our selfcare game. Farah Baig rounds up her top recommendations for the month, including two phenomenal anti-aging products that will turn back the hands of time in 2024.

True Radiance with Chanel
Start your year with a radiant glow and some luck on your side with Les Symboles De Chanel – a unique set of luxurious highlighters.

With Les Symboles De Chanel collection, the Chanel Makeup Creation Studio has reimagined five iconic symbols as precious highlighters that will have you glowing. Le Lion, La Comete, Le Camelia, Les Perles and Les Chaines become three subtle and sophisticated shades: Warm Gold, Precious Coral and Pearly White. Offering sparkling shimmer designed to illuminate and enhance the complexion and your future. Illuminate the complexion and reveal the radiance of those who wear them.

What’s the story behind this iconic collection? Well, the iconic Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel believed that keeping talismans close was a reliable way to keep luck on your side. These symbols that Gabrielle Chanel wholeheartedly believed shaped her destiny have since become iconic. Lions, wheat, comets, cammelias, numbers… She was as talented as she was superstitious and she surrounded herself with objects and symbols. These talismans gave her the freedom to achieve her dreams; inspiration for the designs in her collections, strokes of genius that led her to her most iconic signature styles and the strength to embrace her destiny.

Available at leading beauty stockists.

Your Anti-aging Secret Age Proteom™
Discover the remarkable scientific breakthrough in cell longevity, presented by NAOS, the Age Proteom™ Advanced Serum. This revolutionary serum promises to slow down the aging process like never before, and is said to tighten the skin by 83 percent to maintain a long-term youthful look.

With time and harsh external factors, proteins break down and all our cellular mechanisms slow down. Age Proteom™ is the only product capable of protecting this proteome: it tackles aging at its very source. Age Proteom™ leverages the resilience of antioxidant chaperone molecules derived from a quasi-immortal microorganism. This cutting-edge, patented biotechnology, developed by NAOS’s advanced research team, effectively preserves, and strengthens the skin’s proteome, resulting in visibly transformed skin. The skin ages twice slower, and all signs of aging are visibly and lastingly improved after just one month.

After just one month of use, clinical trial participants experienced a visible transformation in their skin’s firmness and overall appearance with reports of radiance, firmness, evenness, density and less wrinkles. Being better protected, the skin recovers more quickly and looks regenerated with even better results achieved after six months of use.

Age Proteom™ is an ultra-sensory formula with a serum-milk texture that is suitable for all skin types, and offers a comprehensive approach to anti-aging, restoring firmness, tone, radiance, evenness, and density.

Available at leading pharmacies and online at and

Corine de Farme:
A Champion for Sensitive Skin
You deserve the top of the range, especially when it has to do with caring for your skin. Say no to products that are unsafe and embrace those that are formulated with your best interest in mind. Corine de Farme, the renowned French skincare brand is celebrated for its gentle approach to skincare, making it the perfect companion for sensitive skin. Each Corine de Farme skincare product is filled with the goodness of organic ingredients.

This month, we’ve got our eye on the Corine de Farme Shower Cream infused with authentic Tahitian Monoi, which is renowned for its nourishing properties. It is specially formulated with a neutral pH to be gentle on your skin and provide an indulgent and caring experience. The shower cream is hypoallergenic, formulated under pharmaceutical control, and dermatologically-tested.

Available at Carrefour and

Hask Refreshes Your Tresses Between Wash Days
Ladies, we’ve found the holy grail product for fresh and fabulous hair. We all love that fresh, clean hair feel after a wash, but daily shampooing isn’t always an option in today’s fast-paced world. Skipping a shampoo day to make a blowout last longer or even protect hair colour is also a very normal thing for many. However, this could lead to flat hair, frizzy ends, or limp curls between washes.

Give your hair a quick refresh and reset between wash days with HASK Dry Shampoo. HASK has four fabulous Dry Shampoos offering lightweight, ultra-fine rice starch formulas to instantly absorb sweat and oil and keep your hairstyle lasting as long as possible. Pro hair stylist, Camille Friend, swears by dry shampoo, which is known for refreshing and boosting roots. After spraying this fab dry shampoo on your roots, massage it into your scalp, flip your head over and tweak with an iron if you need to.
Available at

Younger Looking Skin with FILORGA
In a world where our skin is constantly exposed to external aggressors, oxidative stress plays a significant role in premature ageing. Recognising this challenge, FILORGA’s experts have harnessed their knowledge to develop a revolutionary antioxidant skincare solution, HYDRA-AOX. This is the first-ever skincare formula dedicated to correcting the initial signs of ageing by combining the potency of five powerful antioxidants.

With just a few drops, applied twice daily, this formula empowers skin cells to combat the harmful effects of free radicals, the culprits behind oxidative stress. As the latest addition to FILORGA’s skincare line, HYDRA-AOX [5] is uncompromising in its formulation. Its effectiveness is scientifically proven** and women who use it see spectacular improvements in just seven days. Featuring a potent blend of five antioxidants (Vitamin B3, Ergothioneine, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Astaxanthin) along with hyaluronic acid, HYDRA-AOX [5] is an intensive serum designed to shield the skin from external aggressors’ ageing effects and address early signs of ageing. Results include visibly smoother fine lines, refined skin texture, a radiant complexion, reduced pore size, and well-hydrated skin.

This serum offers a complete sensorial experience with its non-sticky, non-greasy texture, achieved through careful selection and blending of emollients and humectants. Its natural orange hue, derived from astaxanthin, adds to its appeal, while FILORGA’s distinctive olfactory signature enhances the overall experience. The formula is proudly vegan, free from mineral oil, silicones and parabens.
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