Editor’s Note – October 2019


It’s that time of year again when not only does it, finally, start getting cooler, thank goodness, but, also, the whole island goes pink crazy in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. In doing our bit, I was lucky enough to meet some fantastic women who’ve not only survived the disease but are thriving and helping others along the way.

There’s Joanne, who was so determined that the Bahrain Breast Cancer Support Group should keep going when its founder left the island that she took over as admin herself! And Amal, diagnosed just two weeks after her wedding and now giving talks and writing about her experience. I also met Professor Ghufran Ahmed Jassim, whose doctoral research has led to an important genetic study.

The thing these and every other woman I and the team have spoken to for this feature – some shared their experiences but weren’t included – had the same message: “Check, check, check!” Breast cancer is very treatable but the earlier it’s caught, the better.

Lumps aren’t always cancer, but they ALWAYS need to be checked.

Carry out self-examinations, sign-up for a regular mammogram – you can find details of special offers for October in our big feature – and check-out your insurance situation. If you’re non-Bahraini, it is almost certain you will need to pay for treatment!

Aside from all that, October is also the month when we take our biannual look at the latest new season’s fashions. Fernanda has come up with eight of the hottest trends for the season and Behnaz turned her eye to catwalk make-up trends to see what we will all be putting on our faces in the coming months.
With so many of us lamenting ever-increasing bills and thinking about downsizing, we’ve used this month’s Homes pages to look at storage solutions for small spaces – some of them look so good you might want to grab them even if you’re not spatially challenged.

And as always, we have our usual round-ups of news from the worlds of fashion and beauty as well as opinions, food and more, let us know via social media if you think there’s anything else we should be covering.

Happy reading!