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Although February calls for a Valentine’s feature, we chose to take a detour this year and took a look at the ‘imaginative’.

We had a chat with three local female entrepreneurs — Manar Al Rayes, Weam Zabar and Zainab Al Alawi — who eradicate the myth that creativity is limited to careers involved with art and culture alone. They give us an insight on how to apply innovation to push any business toward unprecedented success. On a related note, we feature the website, The Daily Muse, which targets career-minded women around the globe.

WTM understands the life of a busy woman; a hectic schedule is no excuse to give up on skincare and good looks. So, we have put together a list of beauty essentials that should make “decking up” much easier in the morning. After our tips, your on-the-go makeup bag will be lighter than ever. We also investigated the recent beauty fad of BB creams; we’re more than impressed.

Speaking of a busy lifestyle, Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy talks about the need to simply slow down and enjoy the moment. If sleep is what you want, sleep is what you’ll get. Insomniacs can use our 10 tricks to the perfect slumber.

Dr Jinan Darwish asks women to run a few check-ups before choosing to get pregnant. Find out what could be affecting your child’s heart. We also look at alternative foods for protein intake other than the usual suspects of turkey, fish and egg.
As long as you’re watching your health, we think you should set aside those rose-tinted glasses for a minute and get your eyes checked. If you don’t know where to go, our report on the Kingdom’s leading opticians should be of help.
It is, after all, the month of romance. Those stuck for gift ideas can find some great options in our special shopping feature. The amorous amongst you can find inspiration from our tips on cooking, dressing and redecorating for the occasion. Bring out the reds, we say.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Elma Bartholomew
Assistant Editor

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