Bling Bling!

A remarkable piece of jewellery puts a smile on every woman’s face. Follow these quick tips to the make the best use of your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and charms!

  1. Create a Balance
    Chunky fineries are the best way to stand out. Just be precautious when wearing them. First of all, don’t wear big earrings together with a huge gemmed necklace – pick one! Secondly, use as little of it as possible when your outfit has a lot going on. A ruffled dress or top will definitely look better with a thin chain.
  2. More is Perfect!
    Layering loads of knickknacks is a fashionable trend. However, you have to know when to stop. If you want to go for an arm full of bracelets, think minimal for the rest. Colours, patterns and designs are other relevant points to take into consideration. It should look harmonious.
  3. Supporting Presence
    An impeccable manicure is crucial to rock an outstanding ring. The halo will drive everyone’s eyes to your hands; nails play an important role in this case. The enamel colour is also relevant. For special events, follow the safe path with light shades, like sand and soft pinks, or opt for the extreme hue – red!
  4. Inherited Property
    Heirloom is precious not only for its value, but also for the history behind it. Some family treasures lose their profound meaning with the years. The best way to keep it alive is to pass it on with the ornament. Wear it once in a while on special occasions to show off its importance to your loved ones. This way they will give it importance when they own it.
  5. Brighten Up
    If your gown has a straight cut and demands opulence, here are a few pointers before you pick your jewel. High necklines may look strange with necklaces. Opt for dangling or drop earrings. If you wear a strapless dress, sparkle in the neck area will create an amazing effect.
  6. Face Framing
    Earrings are sometimes underestimated and left to the last second. You should consider the fact that your earrings are in the line of sight of most people when they talk to you. Small studs or pendulous pieces will impact your look on the whole
  7. On the Collar
    Strands are everyone’s favourite. Smart frocks are best paired with one stout string or a thin chain, while casual looks can be more playful with layers of necklaces. Open necklines and solid tops are perfect to overlap different shapes and lengths.
  8. Make your Point
    Your jewellery tells a lot about your style. Colourful gems will deliver the boho feel, while white gives your look a laid-back touch. Pearls are best for the ladylike mood. Diamonds are as chic as it gets.
  9. Expose your Arm
    When wearing bracelets, make sure you have bare arms. Long sleeves usually don’t work with layers of bangles. To add some oomph to your look, try to mix and match different materials and sizes. As always, remember not to overdo it! Adding a watch to the spin contributes to the pizzazz factor.
  10. Accentuate your Fingers
    Do you talk with your hands? The best accessory would be a classic ring. From a simple gold band to exotic pieces, they are the finishing touch to an outfit. Big rocks or animal-faced items make bracelets dispensable. Subtle rings are more than welcome as well. Wear a maximum of two on each hand.

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