A Fresh Start

Welcome to our first issue of the year! January is a month for some peace, quiet and well-deserved rest. The festivities are over and the decorations have found their way back into its boxes, if not already stashed away. What’s more, your home is no longer packed full with relatives. Embrace this time of calmness; it’s important to get a moment, every now and then, to yourself.

In this issue, we deliver exactly what you want and expect from Woman This Month. This includes amazing fashion and beauty buys (and lots of them). We understand that personal style comes down to choices; there’s no doubt that organising your closet is one of your resolutions. Our Fashion pages focus on wardrobe basics. This should help you decide what to give away and what to treasure.

In our Beauty section, we round up five of the best miracle working products in the market that protect your hands from signs of ageing. We also concentrate on happiness; our Wellbeing articles introduce you to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and laughter yoga.

There is nothing that a little retail therapy cannot fix. Find out what’s hot in the shopping world. Spoil your man with our picks from Boggi or treat yourself to some dizzying prints. Speaking of which, our Home pages will have you falling in love with the classic pattern — stripes.

Parents are alerted about Kawasaki disease, its signs and the importance of detecting it at an early stage. The parenting feature gives you an insight on how to make the right career choice for your children (and yourself!). Our 10 Tips offer some suggestions as to how you might actually make those New Year resolutions actually stick, for once!

We met some people on a mission. Find out what The Palm Association is up to and how you can help. You can also read our chat with Dr Shaikha Salim Al Arrayed who has been battling hereditary diseases in the Kingdom for three decades.

Happy New Year!

Elma Bartholomew

Assistant Editor

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