Be Galvan-ised


Galvan’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection is inspired by Cologne-based female artist Erika Hock. We explore this stunning collection which features modern, feminine clothing that is ideal for busy lifestyles.

With busy schedules encompassing personal and professional commitments, the modern woman’s needs require outfits to be versatile – seamlessly going from day to night. Galvan’s Pre-Fall collection seamlessly fits the bid with its elegant pieces.

Signature styles including the Pandora and Sienna are revisited with vibrant ombre colourways and stand out pieces for this collection include the Mobilia dress, created from multiple threads to create a fringed effect.
Galvan draws on textures, touch and the illusion of movement through the fringing and textures of the collection. Clothing comes alive on the body and incorporates fringes, liquid silk and honeycomb crochet while keeping true to Galvan’s signature method of fitting to form which enables distinguished levels of craftsmanship.

The collection’s palette features vibrant colours from apple, brandy and ballet pink alongside a captivating ombre colourway of rich chocolate to magenta, merging colours to add new dimensions. These are complemented by Galvan’s classic colourways highlighted throughout the collection with midnight, camomile and black, weaving a harmonious narrative that seamlessly connects fashion to the realms of design and artistic inspiration.
Timeless style converges with artistic finesse, as a versatile wardrobe adorned with elegant designs becomes a canvas for personal expression.