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Q: How can I wear a suit and avoid sporting a masculine look?
A: This is an easy one! Pick feminine accessories to complement your look. Stilettos or high heels in bright colours are a good start.

Clutches, chunky necklaces and earrings add to the femininity of an outfit and are great tools to transform a look. Pick tight trousers in cropped cuts and fitted jackets to create a classic chic flair. Finally, wear make-up that says “I’m a lady!” (Think red lipstick). Buns and ponytails are perfect hairstyles to impress.

 Q: How can you prevent foundation from melting away?
A: The first step is oil control. If your skin tends to be greasy, find a moisturiser for your skin type to get better results for the stability of your make-up. If you use a liquid foundation, warm it up between your palms before application.

This will increase its ability to penetrate your skin. Don’t forget to spread the product as good as you can. Apply a layer of loose powder to create the perfect finish.

Q: How do you pick the perfect shade of foundation?
A: It is actually trickier than we think. Fluorescent bulbs in most stores make this task difficult. As the lights are too bright, you don’t get the natural light on your face to see the real colour.

I would recommend you to go outside with a mirror to check it out. Trying it out on your hand is also not the best way as your face will probably be lighter. A great way is to collect samples of at least three tones and try them at home.

Q: Cream or powder blush – which is better?
A: It depends on the effect you want to create. Powder blush gives you a more finished look, while cream blushes deliver a dewy result. The former should be applied with a brush along the cheekbones. If you want to create a ‘healthy face’, apply a bit of it on your forehead, down the nose and on the chin.

Cream varieties should be applied using your fingertips and dabbed on the apples of your cheeks. Opt for these if you’re decking up for a night out.

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