September 2014: Write Here Write Now

Your article Crunch Time is very inspiring. Today’s youth are faced with many tough choices about behaviours, values and goals. Some choices have long-term consequences, and we all hope our youth will make wise decisions, especially when the future is at stake.

Adults can help prepare youth to make good, healthy choices. Open communication is vital to healthy parent-child relationships. A good starting point is to think about your own teenage years.

While a pre-teen or teen is not yet ready to settle on a career choice, this is a great time to begin exploring many different occupations. Since many children are only aware of the small number of occupations to which they are exposed, like doctor, dentist, teacher and whatever it is their parents and relatives do.

Exploring occupations is a great way to get them to realise that there are many options available to them. There are many ways to explore occupations and parents are a key component in helping their children with
this process.

Local talent
September-2014__Letters2I think I first saw Amina’s work at a market in Adliya and I’ve been a fan of her designs since. I am happy to see such local artists having faith in their work and then turning them into businesses. It is a great thing to give Bahrain’s art and craft international exposure. We are a land of rich culture and most people do not even know such a country exists. I believe it starts with small things like these. I wish Amina and all other local artists the courage and strength to find success on a bigger scale.

Driving skills
I thoroughly enjoyed your special feature on women driving. Honestly, I’m quite tired of women drivers depending on their family or friends for basic things. I think it is important for a woman to know how to change a tire or at least know where to go to get one changed! Something I didn’t know was the trick to keep swapping the tyres so that they last longer. I’ve done them once since I saw your article. Let’s see if this actually works!

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