Rhythmic and Effortless

Tiffany has got someone new in its blue box! With the company in the hands of its first ever female designer, the high-end jewellery brand has an edgy collection. 

As Francesca Amfitheatrof steps into the design director role, she celebrates her position by creating Tiffany T. The collection is dedicated to the world’s greatest cities and its art and culture loving global travellers. The native New Yorker and trained jeweller and silversmith pieced the collection with symbols of modern life and its relentless energy.

Francesca was inspired by the newness all explorers seek and the sheer lightness of the Tiffany design when developing the line’s concept. The letter T was also a central feature with its strong graphic appeal. It was deconstructed and added to the already structured influence.

The brand’s skilled artisans gave life to the designer’s sketch with 18-carat gold, rose, yellow and sterling silver, giving the collection a unique architectural look. Some pieces get a touch of fine diamonds and glowing gems too. The collection is composed of minimal bracelets, monumental cuffs, multiple chains, elegant pendants, rings and earrings.

Tiffany T has a rich mix of options, layered in striking looks for bold women. The collection leads Tiffany’s visionary past into the future.

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