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Dr Amy Bowzaylo is the resident chiropractor at the new InTouch Bahrain clinic. We get to know her and her chiropractic expertise a little bit better. 

Some of us know what our future career will be from childhood, others are inspired by careers talks or TV programmes. For chiropractor Dr Amy Bowzaylo, inspiration came after landing on her head during a somersault! With experience in countries ranging from Canada and the USA to Cyprus and Saudi Arabia, Dr Amy is in Bahrain to provide chiropractic and physical therapy, along with medical massages, craniosacral therapy, hypnotherapy for chronic pain, functional exercise rehabilitation and hydrotherapy. Her clinic has also just introduced pilates.

Woman This Month (WTM): How did you become a chiropractor?
Dr Amy Bowzaylo (AB): I landed on my head doing a double twisting double back somersault and after five days of neck pain and hot poker/numbness in both arms, I saw a chiropractor who relieved the arm symptoms in one visit and then educated me on how to do my activities of daily living to help me to heal by not aggravating the neck sprain. It was then I decided to become a chiropractor as it was such an amazing change in my symptoms.

WTM: For a lot of people the word chiropractor is a little cloudy. What does it mean?
AB: Chiropractic treatment is a natural, conservative and non-surgical form of healthcare which is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the affects of these disorders on the nervous system, general health and wellbeing. Manipulation of the spine and surrounding joints is the primary focus to restore proper biomechanical function. Chiropractic treatment is established in over 70 countries; and with a strong research base is becoming widely accepted into mainstream healthcare, from hospitals through to Olympic recognition in sports medicine.

WTM: What is your main chiropractic area of expertise?
February-2015_Campaign1_02AB: I treat babies through to geriatric patients who just want to improve their posture to be able to walk better and play with their grandkids. My practice is a mix of sports medicine, women’s health and repetitive postural sprain/strain type injuries. I see a lot of sports injuries of the spine, shoulder, ankle and knee; pregnancy related back pain and upper and lower cross syndromes. I also have preventative care patients who use a combination of massage and chiropractic care to maintain and improve their performance in sport.

WTM: What complaints do patients come with most often?
AB: Sports injuries of the spine, shoulder, ankle and knee; pregnancy related back pain and neck and low back pain related to sitting too much and for post-surgical rehabilitation programmes.

WTM: In the 21st century, we have a lot of vices which impact our bodies. What’s the worst thing we do?
AB: Prolonged sitting is the new smoking…so bad for you! Also constant repetitive forward head bending looking at smart phones and tablets is making us old before our time. Both of these issues affect the overall constitution of a human being by decreasing the lung capacity for oxygen intake and stagnating our organ systems, which contributes to congestion.

WTM: On a day-to-day basis how can we improve our back, spine and posture?
AB: “Stand taller, live longer” is a slogan from my certified posture exercise professional programme. Shoulders back and down, pulling your bellybutton to your spine is easier said than done for those who spend most of their time sitting or bent over hand held devices. Drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day – this is your bodies oil; without it the engine doesn’t run right.

Call InTouch Bahrain Chiropractic Clinic: 39 47 3056.

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