Pick your Tribe

Pick your Tribe Patterns and mixed colours are the main themes incorporated in the ethnic style. So, sometimes, to put this look together is a bit of a challenge.

Classy Tribal
A casual dress with ethnic prints speaks for itself; it will be certainly the focal point of your look.
The accessories should follow the colour palette and should either complement the look bits or
remain minimal. Double-check in the mirror to see if you didn’t go overboard. After celebrities
embraced this concept, the tribal dress has migrated from the fanciest events to becoming
everyday wear.

Geisha Style
When we see a kimono, the first thing that pops out in our minds is the Orient and its mysteries. In
fashion, it represents comfort and style. You can wear it by itself or dress it up with a pair of trousers
for a casual look. Western brands have given it different cuts, re-inventing this ancient garment.
However, the original concept remains and this is a versatile piece that can be worn by any body
shape. The important point to remember is to ‘shape’ your waist and you are ready to go.

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