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Love and passion is the key to success of many brands. However, real love may be the spark to start one.

Why it was selected
Evidens de Beauté is a Japanese-French company dedicated to women’s beauty. With a passion for womankind, the brand represents Charles-Edouard Barthes’ love for his wife. This deep love made him create the company and develop products inspired by her. French expertise mixed with Japanese delicacy resulted in fine products with the highest quality for those who appreciate exclusive products and know how to recognise them.

What we like
The fragrances are perfumed water. Light and elegant, the aromas envelop you like silk fabrics. The four scents represent different kinds of women: No 1 is more feminine and brings a unique floral symphony; No 2 is a fresh and oriental fragrance; No 3 is an aroma for a mature and elegant woman with a velvet aura; and No 4 is an easy-to-wear all-year-round feminine scent.

All four are refined fragrances for real women, created with the enthusiasm and personal commitment of its owner in cooperation with passionate craftsmen.

“You may work for a long time to find the perfect combination and when it is ready, you feel it,” expresses Charles-Edouard Barthes, chairman and CEO of Evidens de Beauté.

What else to look for
The brand started with skincare lines. Anti-ageing products and specific texture for sensitive skin are in Evidens de Beauté’s DNA. The products represent the fusion of Asia and the West. They transpire the haute couture ideals of being technical and artistic. The brand focuses on the essence of precious secret ingredients, voluptuous textures, sensual fragrances, beautiful packing, the pleasure to hold and the evidence of efficiency.

Where to find it
Shop for Evidens de Beauté at Jashanmal Department Stores.
Call 17 582-424.

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