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Even classics need to be renewed every so often. Collaborations between brands and artists are a great way to reinterpret iconic and loved products.

Why it was selected
The iconic brand Lacoste has launched its annual Holiday Collector’s Series. This year, the Brazilian Campana Brothers were commissioned to create a signature for the luxury sport brand’s well-known polos.

It is the second time the brand has worked with the Brazilian duo. The collection always plays with the beloved crocodiles, giving a twist to the classic single croc on the left side of the chest.

What we like
The designers Fernando and Humberto Campana work with different and controversial materials and take their inspiration from furniture design. In 2003, while exploring new forms of upholstery, they created a technique of rolling together different sort of materials as fabrics, carpets, felt and rubber nets. Flat and three-dimensional elements formed colourful swirls to be applied in many pieces.

With this celebration of the Japanese rice roll’s appearance in its arrangement of colour and texture, they shaped their ‘Sushi’ collection which encompasses chairs, sofas, tables, puffs buffets and objects.

What else to look for
The ‘Sushi’ theme has been translated on to the Lacoste 2012 Holiday Collection with the crocodile emblem arranged into a spiral becoming a playful interpretation of the designer’s trademark.

The women’s edition features two swirls of colourful crocs on the left chest area, while the men’s edition has one larger swirl of black or white crocs.

Where to find it Shop for Lacoste at Bahrain City Centre.
Call 17 179-530.

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