Nail It!

If you haven’t noticed, nail art  is all the rage this season. Let your fingertips do your talking as you explore how to turn on your creativity and stand out from the crowd.

Just when you think that there isn’t anything new in the fashion universe, you find reason to think you’re wrong. The nail art mania is not just a teen fad; women of all ages are into it. From simple details to extravagant artworks, nails are caught in an array of colours and themes this season.

The runways unveiled some trends and several celebrities have adopted the style as well, putting their fingertips in the limelight. It complements red carpet gowns and adds drama to the catwalks.

The film Oz the Great and Powerful inspired the nail polish brand OPI to create seven different shades with the idea ‘Which witch are you?’ Mix and match the colours to create your own character.
To get started you need to activate your imagination or just surf the Internet to find the perfect trend to suit your style.

Extra Care
Before diving into the fascinating world of nail art, you should pay attention to your nails. Layers and layers of polish without the correct care may ruin your beloved fingertips. The best idea is to look for professional advice if you feel that they are weak or breaking for no reason. Your nails can tell more about your health than you could ever imagine. A dermatologist can help you detect the problem and find a solution. Some people are allergic to chemical products in the enamel and must use specific products.

Statement Nails

The first important thing is that, believe it or not, you can make it at home. Just make sure you have the time and patience for it. Some of them are easy peasy, while some others are full of intricate details.

If you have the skills to draw bows and make straight lines with both hands, high five! But if you don’t, the best thing is to look for a professional manicurist to do it for you. Otherwise you will want to give up in the first attempt.

The easy and classy ones are just a tiny detail in the ring finger or the little one; a different colour or sticker would work. Graphics and different colours in the tip of all fingers are trendy and stylish as well.

If you like to experiment and have a steady hand, you will find infinite possibilities for your art. For those who don’t have much of a creative flair, some tricks are available in the market to help you create different styles with paper shapes to fill in and stickers that are easy to use.

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