Modesty Blaise

The Holy Month of Ramadan brings with it many social functions, both for business and pleasure. Whilst it’s always a good idea to be mindful of local cultures and traditions, for those of us who’ll be attending Iftars and Ghabgas, it’s a time to adopt a particularly modest style – covering shoulders and ensuring skirts are a respectable length. But modest doesn’t have to mean boring; check-out our style options for some inspiration.

Perfect Pants

Statement trousers are probably the easiest way to achieve a subtly modest look while maintaining your fashion credibility. Marry interesting waist detail with a cropped top – but make sure it meets the top of the pants. Add in comfy, clashing wedges for evenings when you will be on your feet a lot and finish your look with chunky jewellery and a fun clutch.

Maxi Style
A floor-length skirt is perfect and very versatile. If you’re going to team it with a strappy top, consider adding a statement jacket to cover shoulders or a lightweight wrap. This look says sophistication to a T. Pick an accent colour from the jacket to match your shoes for a smart option or wear the skirt with a bright white fitted tee for a more dressed-down look. Add in funky, fun earrings and an over-the-top clutch to finish the look.

Dress to Impress
Whether you go for plain and classic or something a bit more ornate, such as this coat and shift combination, there’s something about a dress that always looks classy. You could stand out with bi-coloured courts like these but this outfit would be equally at home worn with ballet flats. With so much going on in the dress and jacket, keep your accessories simple, this combination needs no extra effort to get you noticed.

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