Mixing Old andNew

Are you ready to break all the design rules of décor as you know it? Take a look at our favourite interior trend — the eclectic home.

What is so appealing about the eclectic trend is that it provides a dynamic canvas for someone who has evolving tastes in home décor. The trick to nailing this style of decorating is to create or find order in the chaos.

Although it is a mixture of heterogeneous elements like textures, time periods and colours, the trend is only perfected if themes or motifs are unified. There is a risk of crossing the line by creating a chaotic setting. A common mistake is to incline towards the rustic or bohemian décor styles. Focus on a marriage of what’s old and new.

Try to set aside specific areas in your home, where you can create a balance between the antique and the contemporary. A modern coffee table may find a spot close to a vintage armchair. Contrasts allow individual pieces to shine without actually clashing.

Pay attention to colours, fabrics, finishes and textures — the founding principles of the eclectic trend. If you’ve got knickknacks from years ago and souvenirs from your trips abroad, find a place that can reflect its theme. Look for folkwear patterns and ethnic furnishings.

The easiest way to get the eclectic trend right is to play within a colour palette. This doesn’t mean that everything needs to match. The idea is to work with tones that go well together. The best part about it is that you can never use enough accessories.

Remember, it doesn’t always have to look like a cosy corner. You can create a crisp and chic living space with the same style of décor. Have fun decorating!


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