MAY 2014: Write Here Write Now

Seeking Workers’ Rights
Just like the story of the million migrant workers, I left my home country and family six years ago with a bag full of hope, enough determination and much love for my family to give them a much better future. With the rising trend in suicide rates among workers in the recent years, it is overwhelming to know that Bahrain has a big society like the Migrant Workers Protection Society (MWPS) that helps in the plight of helpless men and women, who are being abused, exploited and deprived to earn an honest living.

May-2014__Letters2MWPS’ noble aim to protect the workers’ basic human rights is inspiring for other migrant workers groups and foreign embassies that support and protect the rights of their own people. The diversity of its active members from Bahrain, Canada, Germany, the USA , India, Kenya and other countries makes it more powerful and unique [DASH] because it’s main goal is to help the expat workers and not base it on colour, race or religion. And with the support from different organisations, private sectors, embassies and government offices, I am sure that MWPS is on the right path and will continue to thrive in the years to come. Kudos!

Wedding bells
I’m getting married this year and I just loved your bridal trends! I’m sure I want a white gown, but there are so many styles to choose from. Your pages helped me to decide that I definitely want something with lace and some transparency details. It also made me think that I must pick the right lingerie for the type of the dress and not just the one I like most. Thank you very much!

Get fit
When thinking of getting fit, we never think out of the box, right? The first thing that comes to mind is the boring gym environment. Dancing sounds like a lot more fun and exciting. Maybe they should create a class mixing many styles, so one day we would have belly dance, the other zumba, the next one salsa and so on. The other concept I’m keen to try is the Hypoxi system. The results from your trial sounds promising; I’m willing give it a try.

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