March 2013: Write Here Write Now

Parenting done right
Your article this month on ‘teaching your children to take their time’ was a fantastic one. With technology having taken over our everyday lives, we have such little time to actually spend with our kids. We see parents in the park, toying with their mobiles and children sitting with their iPad.

Entrepreneurial parents are now even giving classes as basic as learning to hula hoop or jump rope! All it actually takes is watching a five-minute self-help video on YouTube.

Technology needs to be used for its benefits and somehow most people are not able to draw the line. We need to counter the advent of the misuse of technology with common sense.

If you could add more articles, which share ideas on fun stuff to do with kids, it would be great.

Let’s encourage parents to give space and time, in return for priceless years well spent.
Best wishes, A mom, by email.

Change your perspective
A Frame of Mind was an enlightening read that should have been given more prominence in your magazine. I was surprised to see that the piece was not featured in your cover page.
Dementia is an illness that is often ignored by the family. Depression, moodiness, the occasional ‘misplacing items’ and forgetfulness are all attributed to “growing old.” As a result of this, dementia is often left undiagnosed, leave alone untreated, for several people.

Hopefully, when people are made cognisant, the illness can be detected and treated at an early stage. Also, the article should have stressed more on the patience and compassion that is required from close kin while dealing with the person suffering from dementia.

Aside from this, the item was full of useful information. In future, please encourage more of such articles, which will help us career-oriented individuals to stop and take a look at maladies of those near and dear to us.  Rao, by email.

Eating healthy
I usually let my kids choose one recipe from your magazine so we can have some fun together in the kitchen over a weekend. We had a great time following James Claire’s recipes to baking red velvet cupcakes this month.

However, it was obvious that the girls chose that because it was the one recipe that wasn’t green. I’m sure many mothers face the hassle of getting their kids to eat their veggies.

Would it be possible for you to share some recipes that could perhaps ‘trick’ them into getting their daily dose of greens? Annie, by email.

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