Kneading Out Knots

Kneading Out Knots
Beauty News - Kneading Out Knots

November-2014_Beauty_news2_01Most of us live our lives glued to a screen: at work, at home and even at restaurants. All this ‘screen time’ is taking a toll on our necks, shoulders and backs. There’s no better way to ease the stress than a relaxing massage.

The main benefits are improved circulation and movement. A light massage can also benefit the respiratory system, decreasing substances that trigger allergies and asthma. There is a flow of fresh oxygen and nutrients flushed through the body, feeding and strengthening the immune system, making it more capable of repairing itself.

Scientists have discovered that there’s more to massage therapy than what meets the eye. It is known to help lessen levels of depression, lower blood pressure and even ward off the common cold!

For those of us shackled to a desk for more than eight hours a day, there is a pesky little thing called ‘knots’ waiting to roll into a ball of terror. While a weekly massage might seem indulgent, a monthly visit to a wellness centre is recommended by experts to keep the mind and body in shape. Just like exercise, massages do more for you the more regularly you keep up with them.

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