Changing perceptions
I read the story on autism and Mr John Holmes last month. It’s superb! I loved reading it; it gave me so much confidence that autism was finally being taken seriously and that your magazine is spreading the word to bring about awareness in the society.

Mr Holmes must be doing a great job at school, but it would be wonderful if we get to read more of his expert opinions and expertise in this regard. Maybe we could ask him questions through your magazine, and get answers from him here.
I know quite a few people whose children are autistic but cannot afford an expensive school like the Children’s Academy. They could benefit from his opinion. Fadia H Qureshi, by email.

The little things
I’m new to Bahrain and I do find it a little difficult to adapt to the laidback lifestyle. Coming from New York, it is hard to deal with a ‘mellow’ city. My friend suggested I go sight-seeing and “discover Bahrain”, like many people tend to say here. Anyway I happened to go through your magazines at a coffee shop near my home and I have to admit it took me by surprise. I wanted to congratulate your team on your great work and I even follow you on Instagram now! I just needed an eye-opener I suppose. As for the May issue, I’d like to say that you got me to do two things: shop for mint jeans and try out the lettuce wraps at Blaze! I love them both. Gabrielle, by email.

A new place
The ‘Yin and Yang’ article inspired me a lot, especially because I’m tired of my room looking exactly as it did three years ago. Unfortunately, I’m not in a situation to afford a whole makeover. But I liked the whole idea of playing with black and white pieces.

So I went hunting around the house for some accessories that I could swap with those in my room and, believe it or not, I even got to paint my furniture!

I love DIY projects. I made my own photo frames and printed out my favourite pics with the grey tint. I recycled my old black and white clothes in stripes and prints to new coasters, table runners and pillow cases. I also embroidered my initial onto my new cushion covers. It’s shocking how with a little bit of rearrangement my room is as good as new! Yasmine, by email.



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