July 2012: Write Here Write Now

The Female Perspective
It was fantastic to read about Joseph Tito’s latest project. I think the storyline to Dana sounds really fascinating and I like that he is taking the time to showcase the viewpoint of Bahraini women. Not just modern day Bahraini women, but Bahraini women through recent history.

It seems a shame that it takes someone from another culture to come in and give Bahraini women a voice. But, at the same time, I don’t want to take anything away from what he is doing, because it is great.
I look forward to hearing about the process and watching the end result.
Shirley, by email.

So Much Variety
My sister and I have been trying to lose weight and get fit for a few months, but without a lot of success. The thing is that both of us are getting older and our knee and hip joints are not what they used to be. I found Alison’s article about yoga to be very helpful. I did not realise that there so many different types of yoga.

After her article I looked into some yoga classes here at the World Beat Fitness centre and I think it will be a great option for me and my sister. It will be easier on our joints, but it will still give us a workout.
Thanks Alison! Ruli, by Email

Ups and Downs
I thought it was a good idea for you to include an article about bipolar disorder in your “campaign” section. My mother has bipolar disorder and I have struggled with it and with looking after her for my whole life. So many people do not understand that it is a real and common problem and they don’t understand what the symptoms look like.

Often you find that people just dismiss it as strange behaviour and then you find that people are not very tolerant. I am glad that there are some people trying to create awareness in Bahrain as there is more awareness in the rest of the world about it.

If you have really noticed ups and downs in your behaviour you should always go and see a doctor and don’t stop until you get an answer as in some places it can take a while to be diagnosed properly.
Linda, by email.

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