January 2014: Write Here Write Now

Never too much
“One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.” — Sheila Murray Bethel
Your interview with Ms Safeya Kanoo in the December issue of Woman This Month made me realise that a woman of substance is a woman with compassion, a woman of effervescence and a woman with talent. In this digital era, we become numb and oblivious of the people around us. Your editorial opened my eyes and made me appreciate the innate qualities of each and every individual.

January-2014__Letters2It could not have been easy for Ms Kanoo to juggle her art and philanthropy with her family life, but she made a go of it and I am stunned at how easy she makes it sound. Generally women do not think of themselves as philanthropists. They do not just write large cheques, but also get more involved in various charities and their operations. There are so many women around the world who do so much for humanitarian causes, but are not recognised for their efforts and dedication.

There is already too much indifference to the suffering in the world around us. We have to change our mindset and learn from good samaritans like Ms Kanoo. Beth

Just in time
I would like to thank Dr Jinan Darwish for her informative article ‘Hard to Swallow’ in November’s Woman This Month on the dangers of choking in infants and young children. As an experienced first aider and trainer with First Aid Box, I would like to add that when a child appears to be choking, in addition to calling an ambulance, it is essential to relieve the obstruction as soon as possible and clear the child’s airway to allow them to breathe.

At First Aid Box, we strongly recommend that everyone who is involved in the care of infants and young children should be fully trained in CPR and other life saving procedures, such as dealing with choking. Visit our Facebook page for details of our courses for parents, nannies and babysitters which are held regularly. First Aid Box

An expression of love
I am writing to thank you for an awesome job putting out a great magazine. It helps women in Bahrain in many ways. I like it that you cover aspects of fashion and design, cultural events and news, and even about Bahrain’s society. Woman This Month is what I read during my coffee break. I hope you keep it up and I wish you all the best for greater issues. Intisar

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