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Operated under Bahrain Jewellery Centre, Tiffany launched its brand-new boutique at Moda Mall last month. We speak to Laurent Cathala to gain insight on the store.

Laurent Cathala brings more than 15 years’ experience to his current role as Tiffany vice president of emerging markets. According to him, the opening of the boutique in the Jewellery Court in Moda Mall marks a new era for Tiffany & Co. in Bahrain and underscores the importance of the market to the brand’s regional growth strategy.

With the legendary heritage of Tiffany & Co. reflected in the new store design and the extensive collections of fine and statement jewellery now available, they introduce an enriched Tiffany experience to Bahraini customers. We speak to him for more details on the outlet.

Woman This Month (WTM): In an interview, you had mentioned that the only face that represented Tiffany was Audrey Hepburn after she starred in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Is it a coincidence that this outlet opened its doors on what would have been her 85th birthday?
Laurent Cathala (LC): I’ll be very honest with you. It is a beautiful and fantastic coincidence. In fact, I think that this will be a lucky star for this amazing boutique that we have in Moda Mall. Today for us is a very important day; Bahrain has a new house — a Tiffany house! It’s your home where we are going to showcase amazing designs and craftsmanship. It’s where we are going to give an outstanding customer experience. So this is really a milestone for us in Bahrain and the region.

June-2014_People4_01WTM: What can our island expect from the new boutique? How is this store different from what we used to have?
LC: First of all, they can expect the best of Tiffany. We are sitting in this beautiful and fantastic salon, which is breathtaking. You can see the different designs. You can see what we’ve put online casino here to make it an outstanding place. You can see that the store today — the Tiffany Boutique — has nothing to do with what it used to be.

This boutique is to the same standard of that in Dubai, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong. It’s to show you that Bahrain is treated as an equal. There’s no first or secondary market. You can expect the best of Tiffany here.

WTM: Could you give us an idea about the collections in store?
LC: Today we have completely refreshed the stock in Bahrain. So you’re going to see pieces that you are not used to seeing here and more extended collections.

There are about 70 items, which were brought specifically from New York for this opening, which will stay for about two and a half weeks. Of course, we’re going to refresh the stock regularly. So for the customers in Bahrain, they’re going to have access to the newest products. Before, you needed to travel to see the new lines. Now we’re bringing them to you right here.

WTM: What are your plans for the brand in the Middle East?
LC: We are currently finishing the restructuring of the network. In a few months, all Tiffany boutiques in the Middle East will look like this. It is easily recognisable as a Tiffany house.

We’re focusing a lot on refining our offerings in terms of product presentation and designs. Last but not the least, we focus on customer experience. It’s something we are obsessed with because their satisfaction is at the centre of our objectives. Whoever enters the Tiffany store, whether he or she is buying or not, should leave the store with a smile on their face.


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