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Whether it’s small or fundamental changes you make to your living space, the best foundation is having a well-structured style vision. Here are the four major trends to look out for in autumn/winter. 

One with Nature
Bring the outdoors in this season for the typical sense of comfort and togetherness that comes with autumn and winter. Take a completely folk approach to nail this trend; think raw luxe and a visit to the forest.

Use natural materials like wood, cork, hemp and jute. Texture is key, especially on rugs and textiles. Quirkiness is welcome in the accessories department with owls, stags, squirrels and foxes making an appearance in every new décor collection.
The colour scheme ranges from a warm neutral palette of soft mocha, sand and toffee to an occasional appearance of indigo, brick and jade.

A Bold Move
A stark contrast to the season’s dreariness, this trend demands a clash of colours and textures. The bolder, the more beautiful! Steer clear of black; embrace the bohemian. This bright take on interiors is perfect for those in denial of the onset of winter.

Choose tutti-frutti hues with neutral colours and bold colours mixed with pastels. Patterns are all over the scene, especially on linens. The highlight is on geometric prints, which work best in bathrooms and kitchens.

There’s no room for sobriety. Florals are big this season in strong shades of pink and purple. Reliable colours are citrus, blue and fuchsia. Add unusual materials like mother of pearl and plastic to your collection of accessories.

Back in time
To take an honest approach to this décor style, you will need to think of ancient days. The Neolithic Age is here again. So it is important to reflect rich earthy colours, warm neutrals and rust in your living space.

You need to have a keen eye for primitive aesthetics. This is a good time to bring out antiques, provided they suit the theme. Play with opposites. Where there are rough textures, there ought to be a balance with some soft ones.
The rustic look can be achieved by finding items that use hemp yarns or feature fossil-like surfaces. Vintage leather is the key piece of the trend. Finish it with vintage cushions and throws.

Use printed suitcases as side tables if you’d like to add a personal touch to it. If a paint makeover is in line, the colour you’re looking for is flint!

Hot and cold
The storm-inspired trend is all about unpredictability. What makes it tricky is finding the order in the chaos. A surreal realm is created by balancing hot and cold colours in bright and smoky shades. All kinds of blue tones are acceptable, although midnight blue is a favourite of designers. On the hot end of the spectrum, you have softer sand, salmon and bright red.

There’s room for both feminine and masculine touches in this style of décor. Create a sense of a looming storm with unusual structures, ethereal layers, blurred and tie-dye patterns, in addition to holographic and metallic textures.

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