Holiday Ready

Whether you are staying in the Kingdom or planning a trip to an amazing destination, your wardrobe must scream ‘It is summer time!’ We created two looks for your easygoing days.

A must-have piece to express your summer mode? The white trousers. This versatile item can be paired with bright colours or pastel hues and take you to any daylight appointment. The pinkish shirt and golden heels turn it into a classic style with a contemporary touch, suitable for all ages and tastes. A few tips if you want to dive into the white trend: Don’t worry if you are not in your best form, you can certainly wear it. Just choose the best cut for your body shape. You will need to wash it after every wear, especially in our sandy country. Finally, pick nude underwear!

Your second must-have piece to wear in summer is the mini skirt. It doesn’t have to be that mini. Just add some millimetres to it as the years pass by and you will be fine!
It is certainly the perfect time to show some legs and the tanning you have been investing in. The green light to wear rainbow colours is on, but it is a tricky path to walk in. If you pick dark blue and bright yellow or soft hues of both colours, then you are going in the right direction. Having done that, you can leave colourful shades for accessories.



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