Grey and Yellow

You may have the ornaments and blinds ready and waiting, but what really brings a house together? We believe that the colour theme can really show off the owner’s personality. 

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Whether a house is rustic, traditional or modern, ornaments and picture frames can only contribute towards the character so much. The real identity of the home and homeowner is shown through their choice of colours — neutral, bright or bold.

Colours can be the hardest decision when making a house a home; for some people, it can be the most important choice of all. Yellow and grey are not two colours you may instantly put together, especially for a room. However, the contrast works perfectly for fantastic visuals.

Clashing what is considered a conservative colour with a hue that represents cheerfulness allows you to show off your artistic flair. Try using yellow as the feature colour. The bold and bright colour looks wonderful when used minimally through pillows, lamps, flowers and curtains.

The neutral base of grey conflicts with the bright yellow in a style that creates modernism, without reducing the appearance of fresh, natural light and space. What is particularly great about these two colours is the mixture of warm and cold colours that ultimately makes the room perfect for all seasons and moods.

The next reason to choose these two colours is the effects they offer. Whilst yellow helps the brain work logically, also carrying optimism and focus, grey is seen as calm and relaxing. So why not leap out of you comfort zone? You could be pleasantly surprised!

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