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Celebration is the word! A beauty brand has been researching and pleasing women for 150 years; this calls for fireworks!

Picture a scene in the French capital, where romance is always in the air and stylish people walk around you following their routine lives. This is the scenario where Bourjois takes us to tell their story along the years. This year, the brand celebrates its 150th anniversary, adding its personal achievements to the history of beauty in the world.

The first appearance of Bourjois was in 1863 in the theatre district located on the Grands Boulevards of Paris. The creator, Joseph-Albert Ponsin, was an actor and produced make-up in his apartment. In 1868, Alexandre-Napoleon Bourjois took over and expanded its development, giving it an international and mass market dimension.
In 1879 it went from the world of theatre to that of cities. By the end of that century, Bourjois’ catalogue featured over 700 items amongst make-up, fragrances, eau de toilette, perfumed extracts for handkerchiefs and hair lotions.

Products began to be exported worldwide and they started to participate in beauty competitions, winning many for their quality and creativity. The business grew fast and practical make-up was one of the greatest contributions of the brand to the history of beauty.

Today Bourjois maintains its roots, putting effort in creating new shades and products. The colour palette has over 360 hues already and nearly 100 new products are created every year. It is a success story, where women are always the mainspring to provoke the necessary transformation in the field of cosmetics area. After all, beauty is essential!

Where to find it Shop for Bourjois at Boots.

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