Garden-free Gardening

Most of us live in an apartment and almost certainly one without a balcony. That needn’t stop your green fingers from doing their job.

Get the right plants
Not every plant survives indoors. Get house plants. Consult experts at nurseries, who can recommend the right kind that suits your living space, lifestyle and other needs. However, if you’re a patient gardener, it’d be wise to buy seeds as they are less expensive than full-grown plants.

The perfect location
It’s common knowledge that a plant needs light and ventilation. The lack of a balcony, patio or actual garden shouldn’t hold you back. Fix a railing along your window pane or get pots that you can hang on the grill. It will give it that Mediterranean touch. Dedicate a wall indoors for a fern and herb assortment.

In the kitchen
If space permits, you can set up a mini garden in the kitchen. Many apartments come with a workspace attached to the kitchen. You could use this area for a vegetable garden. A section of your counter could be used for sage, thyme, rosemary, chillies, parsley and curry leaves.

A matter of investment
Gardening can be a time consuming activity. Make an effort to understand the temperature nuances and the different kinds of light that your plant requires. Invest in thermometres and artificial lighting for foolproof care. Understand how much water is required. You don’t want to drown them.

Do it yourself
There are many packaging materials that you can reuse for your garden at home. Bottles and jars make amazing nurseries. For those of us who prefer a readymade product, Glasshouse Terrariums in Riffa is a relatively new store that sells gardens in a bottle. These are perfect for office spaces and are almost impossible to kill! Let’s not forget that they look stunning!

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