Flower Power

The month of romance demands a dreamy theme; nothing says “love is in the air” like florals. Hit the streets this February donning this vibrant print.

Dramatic trousers
A question that often pops up when you spot a patterned pair of trousers is “How can I pull off that look?” Sure, shopping for a floral outfit can be challenging. The easiest way to make it work is opting for a top, accessories, shoes or a coat that matches a colour found in your floral piece.

To avoid risks and blunders, team it with something black, white or brown. Floral trousers works best for those who don’t like to call too much attention to their bottom half and yet want to flaunt a girly style.

The reliable dress
If floral trousers are not for you and still want to try the trend, you can go for the loyal floral dress. There’s no doubt that you’ll be spoilt for choice with all kinds of patterns. Smaller flowers and dark background shades are preferable to stick to the winter mood.

Well-cut and structured dresses are the best. Fabrics can vary from silk to wool; choose the one that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

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