Find Your Feet

A part of our body that is extremely important and yet often forgotten is our feet. Take some time to pamper the ones that take you everywhere.

We stand for hours, walk long distances and even get stepped on! However at the end of the day, it is our face and hair that get a complete beauty regime. Why do we ignore our feet that need all the care that they can get? It’s time to change our priorities!

With 26 bones and a complex framework of muscles, tendons and ligaments, your feet absorb the impact of your full body weight in every step. Don’t tell me that this isn’t reason enough to spend some time on them. Rushing to the salon or spa when they start to hurt isn’t the best solution.

Regular massages and cosmetic care are the best way to avoid damaged bones, fallen arches, cracked skin, ingrown toenails and even fungal infections. Keep in mind that the most important factor is to keep them clean. Washing between the toes and drying them properly is mandatory.

More than a pedicure
Although taking care of your cuticles for the perfect finish of your favourite nail paint is a good start, it isn’t all that can be done for your feet. A common problem faced by most women is ill-fitting shoes, which can affect your health.

If they are too tight, shoes can cause hammer toes amongst other problems. Loose footwear prevents your heel from staying in the proper place when you walk. So, finding the right fit is the key to healthy feet!

Whether you like to hear it or not, the truth is we need to avoid wearing high heels too frequently, especially on days that you know you will be walking a lot.

Smooth over the cracks
I know I mentioned keeping your feet dry is vital to feet care. So stating the need to moisturise is equally significant might seem contradictory. Well, it isn’t.

The warm and sunny climate of Bahrain makes us wear sandals and flip-flops. This results in cracked and scaly skin. The solution is to keep it moisturised.

Rub on lotion containing cocoa butter every day after a shower to help your skin to get softer. For improved results, pull on a comfortable pair of socks to hold the lotion in. Skip the areas between the toes. Look for special treatments, such as paraffin wax, to heal dried and cracked heels.

Time to exercise
The muscles in your feet need exercise just like any other in your body. The best way to strengthen them is to take a walk. Making it a routine will make them firm and keep your ligaments flexible.
Find different terrains for your stroll. If you’re used to pavements, mix it up and try walking along the beach or in parks.

On the shelves:
L’Occitane Foot Cream treats dry skin.
Philosophy Be Somebody Green Tea Scrub exfoliates and moisturises.
Vaseline Cocoa Butter works wonders for cracked heels.


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