Ethnic Urban

The chic international traveller look is stepping out from the catwalk and making its way to the high street. The ethnic urban look mixes a tribal style with Japanese influences, African colours and cultural aspects from diverse places around the world.

Kimonos and kaftans are versatile pieces to add to your wardrobe to become stylish beach wear or paired with heels, a fashionable frock for a night of clubbing. The new silhouette is sexy and expresses femininity.

Fringed beads, tie-dye, raffia, handmade accessories, tribal patterns and an explosion of colours are the elements in this trip around the world. Tory Burch added this multicultural design to her new collection and Ralph Lauren’s collection tapped into Spanish influences.

Mixing two or more styles from different cultures results in a unique look. The colourful designs are fun to wear and very expressive. You will look every bit the international explorer even if you never to venture out of the city.

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