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Coffee lovers are always seeking new flavours and the best ways of experimenting with this aromatic liquid. This brand always brings exciting concepts, check out what’s new.

Nespresso is a reference in the coffee market worldwide. Always looking for new ways to express its passion for this simple and at the same time complex drink.

June-2015_Pick_of_Month_01The latest addition to the brand’s variety of coffee choices is the Perú Secreto. The limited edition Grand Cru is a unique coffee sourced from the remote coffee farms that cling in the Andean hillsides and valleys of Peru. The new aroma joins the Pure Origin range, which includes Indriya from India, Rosabaya de Colombia, Dulsão do Brasil and Bukeelaka Ethiopia. Each of these coffees are sourced from a single country of origin and reflect the region’s flavour profiles.

The new blend is an intense, sweet and round espresso with roasted and cocoa notes. Its intensity is classified as eight and it is well paired with milk. Its silky texture and pleasant, long-lasting finish will take you to the remote Peruvian Andes.

Added to the new flavour, Nespresso brings a brand new coffee cup. The brand is well-known for its connection with the design world, as you can see from its sleek machines. However, it is not only about design. To reinforce the sensorial experience, the brand collaborated with Berlin-based industrial design studio Geckeler Michels to create the Touch Collection. The new range of cups combines ultimate design with a way of intensifying the coffee aroma. To achieve this, the cups have a concave bottom to ensure the optimal cream, in terms of finesse and quantity. And the compact porcelain of the cup keeps the coffee at the perfect temperature.

The Touch Collection is available in four different sizes to meet the preference of all customers: Espresso (80ml), Lungo (170ml), Cappuccino (180ml) and Mug (300ml).

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