Crazy About Copper

The metallic luxe fashion trend broadens its reach with copper finishes as a top choice for home décor. Whether it is beaten, aged or shiny, this metal dominates interiors this season.

Copper as a theme works in three ways — rugged, drama and lighting. Often seen in homes with white walls, the metal offers a warm look when themed with leather and reclaimed wood. A raw and natural setting never goes out of trend.

For a wow factor, invest in a show-stopper. A copper table or bed introduces glamour to your home. Add small touches, like a picture frame or candle holder, for the theme to flow across the area.
The kitchen is the easiest place to introduce this trend. Hang copper pans and pots over the kitchen island.

A great way to add copper accents to your home is through lighting. You can find pendants in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They work best over the dining table and breakfast counter.

Classic metallics never go out of style. This year it seems to be tipping over into the rose gold world. That pink element makes your home look modern although it comes in really simple designs.

We always say it’s all in the details. So feel free to ‘accidentally’ leave a few copper rings and cuffs around the house. It’s glamorous. It’s feminine. It’s easy. Get your hands on the new metal!

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