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No matter what type of skin you have, there is always a beauty treatment solution. Our fashion and beauty editor, Fernanda Langhammer, writes about skincare and her experience of one of the treatments offered on the island. 

Our face is our business card. Maintaining a nice complexion helps to give a good first impression. Treating your skin well will do more good than you think. Make-up does a lot of tricks to hide imperfections; however, have you ever seen a painted wall stay the same colour without any touch-ups along the way? What I’m trying to say is that if you want long-term glowing skin, you have to take action now. Embracing a healthy diet and paying more attention to the needs of your skin will help in the future.

Baby Skin
You may have young skin and probably don’t need any extra care besides washing it every morning and evening and applying a moisturiser with sunscreen. However, you may have acne, which needs special care. The best way is to use specific products and get professional advice. You may have dry or combination skin, which will influence the type of moisturiser you are going to buy. So even if your skin is easily treatable and doesn’t need particular attention, you still have to think ahead. Start adopting a skincare routine now because it will make it easier to continue in the future – when you’ll really need it.

Mature Complexion
If you are in this category the number of products in your beauty cabinet increases quite considerably. Apart from specific cleansing products, you’ll need to add a skin serum, an eye cream, day and night anti-ageing facial lotion and probably a special cream to get rid of dark spots. However, the state of your skin will be measured by the attention you gave it during your golden days. There’s no doubt the skin stops producing collagen over the years and starts losing its firming powers. The issue here is about the number of years spent exposed to the sun without protection, the nights you slept without removing your make-up and the lack of proper cleaning. If you’ve taken care of your skin through the years, you still (unfortunately) need all the products above, but you will definitely have better-looking complexion than someone your age who was careless. You just have to keep with your routine, and keep up the treatments for maintenance.

Final Judgement
Get a mirror and have a look at your skin right now. What do you see? Use your common sense and tell yourself what you must do from now on. Start taking better care of yourself for the sake of your complexion in the future. Just remember that it’s never too late to start. With all the technology invested in the cosmetic industry, we can do a lot more now than we could in the past. So go out and seek professional help to analyse your skin and get the recommended treatments and products to make your skin glow again.

Tested and Tried
January-2015_Beauty_news2_01Creating some time in my schedule to take care of myself is always a challenge, so I was really excited for this tried and tested session. Beauty Spot Salon and Spa offers an array of facial treatments for different purposes using Bruno Vassari products. The Spanish brand has a professional spa line and at Beauty Spot Salon and Spa you’ll also find their personal line. I loved being introduced to the brand’s variety of products and specific treatments. My main concern with my skin at this point in my life is combatting age. So after talking to the trained professionals, we decided that the Botox Like treatment would be best suited for me. The appropriate care started with a deep cleansing, followed by exfoliation, an energising massage and an ultra-tightening mask. The anti-ageing Kianty Experience products were used by Hanna, the amazing therapist. Its formula contains red grapes, which acts as a powerful anti-oxidant and peptide which relaxes the muscles.

For an hour and a half I tried to forget about my busy everyday life and enjoyed the moment. In the end, you leave with your face feeling lighter and with a soft and lifted complexion. Now I have to go back for more and get the full result of the treatment!

What: Botox Like Facial with Bruno Vassari Kianty Experience products
Where: Beauty Spot Salon and Spa
How often: Five sessions recommended
Favourite feature: The therapist’s amazing hands! The pressure was relaxing and consistent – just perfect.

On the Shelves |
January-2015_Beauty_news2_02Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Gel Crème for youthful eyes.
Vichy Normaderm Night Detox to detoxify and purify the skin.
Sephora Radiance Cleansing Foam with soft exfoliation.

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