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Unveiling Bahrain’s Most Sought-After Salon and Spa Experience

Spa Social, located in West Riffa, is undoubtedly the trendiest beauty salon and spa in the Kingdom. Farah Baig speaks to Nouf Abdulrahim, the Visionary Founder and Creative Director of Spa Social and Crush Fitness.

Trendy, distinct, exquisite – these are just some of the words that come to mind when visiting Spa Social. The sensational new beauty and wellness destination in the Kingdom of Bahrain has a distinct identity — one that has been inspired by international experiences and bespoke standards.

“The motivation behind the establishment of Spa Social stemmed from a clear observation of a gap in the market. Despite the abundance of salons and spas in Bahrain, I noticed a lack of salons that could match international standards or brand recognition. This realisation inspired me to bring the experiences and inspirations we encounter while traveling, into the local market,” explains Ms. Abdulrahim.

Spa Social offers people new and unique experiences, allowing them to fully indulge in self-care and well-being while enjoying a truly pampering day. “By providing a space where individuals can invest in their own relaxation and enjoyment, Spa Social aims to elevate the salon and spa experience in Bahrain to an international level,” she says.

Along with international service standards, Spa Social is proud to showcase a selection of the most sought-after brands in the world, including 111SKIN, Zelens, Margaret Dabbs and Aveda, among many others.

“Our retail store also features a carefully curated collection of brands that are exclusive to our establishment, offering a unique shopping experience that cannot be found elsewhere in the market. We prioritise brands that are not only results-driven but also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. If there is a new product making waves in the international market, rest assured — you’ll find it at Spa Social,” she states.

Initial impressions that one might draw are that Spa Social has meticulously considered every detail – it is an extraordinary experience that transcends the mere selling of products and services. “From the moment you step through our doors until the moment you depart, you are immersed in a truly exceptional journey. From the captivating aromas to the carefully selected music, from the pristine interiors to the high-quality products, and from the friendly and skilled professionals you encounter along the way, we strive to create a mini adventure filled with delightful surprises and indulgent moments,” she says.

As a service-based industry, the team members at health and wellness establishments are truly essential. Ms. Abdulrahim believes that the team at Spa Social is a source of inspiration and creativity.

“They are passionate artists who continuously seek out the latest techniques and trends in the industry. Since our establishment, we have fostered a strong sense of connection, becoming more than just colleagues — we are a family,” she says happily.

When selecting new team members, Spa Social prioritises individuals who possess not only experience and motivation but also a genuine passion for their craft. “We believe it is essential for our team to align with the brand’s values and understand the unique needs of our business. Joining our team is more than just coming to work and leaving; it is about engaging in meaningful interactions, learning from one another, teaching and sharing knowledge, socialising and forming genuine connections,” she says.

“We believe that by creating a positive and enjoyable work environment, we can provide our clients with an exceptional experience that goes beyond the services we offer,” she adds.

Women visiting Spa Social would be pleased to know that the salon and spa has added a women’s gym, Crush Fitness, making it a one stop destination for wellness services.

“Our vision for Crush Fitness is to create a private members club that offers unique classes to enhance your gym routine. Apart from our super trendy classes, we are proud to be the first in Bahrain to introduce the Megaformer workout, which is part of the Lagree Fitness method. At our Lagree Studio, we have four Megaformers that offer a 45-minute workout designed to make you shake, sweat and burn calories. This high-intensity, low-impact workout is sought by many celebrities and provides an excellent fitness experience,” she explains.

As Spa Social continues to recreate the industry, the future is bright for the revolutionary wellness destination. As part of her short-term goals, Ms. Abdulrahim intends to refine the brand and enhancing the services, features, and experiences it offers.

“We believe that there is always room for improvement and strive to continuously elevate our offerings to new heights. Looking ahead, our long-term goals include expanding the reach of Spa Social beyond our current location in Bahrain. We envision the establishment of additional Spa Social locations both within Bahrain and internationally. We are excited about the possibility of bringing our unique concept and exceptional spa experiences to a global audience because, after all, why limit ourselves?”

Meet Nouf Abdulrahim
As a serial entrepreneur, Nouf Abdulrahim is the driving force behind several businesses across the island. Her ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions has culminated repeatedly through businesses that stand out from the general fabric of Bahrain’s industries. She had successfully founded AquaArt and Aqualux, two companies that specialise in building materials. Additionally, she has undertaken the task of reimagining Marmara as a brand within the same industry.

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, she then embarked on a highly successful venture — Contempo Uniforms which focuses on providing seamless uniforms for domestic, hospitality and medical industries, creating stylish and functional uniforms that make a lasting impression.

“I can identify unique opportunities and develop creative strategies to stand out in the market while possessing strong leadership skils. As a female entrepreneur, I understand that setbacks are inevitable. However, my ability to bounce back and learn from these experiences has grown to be one of my key strengths,” she says.

Today, she is the driving force behind Spa Social and Crush Fitness in an ever-competitive beauty and wellness industry. “These new ventures reflect my dedication to exploring diverse business opportunities and meeting the evolving needs of the market. By diversifying into the wellness sector, I aim to provide unique, high-quality experiences and contribute to the well-being of individuals,” she says.