Your Wedding; Our Guide

Are you one of those people who shiver at the thought of planning a wedding? Whether it’s yours or your bestie’s big day in question, we offer you a secret weapon to tackling it all — one step at a time.

Like it or not, a whole lot of planning is essential to actualise the flawless wedding of your dreams. A watertight event demands a watertight planner. Even if you’re planning your own wedding with the girls or if you’ve hired a management firm to do the job, you are bound to be stuck with a million things to keep an eye on.

To be on top of things, Woman This Month equips women everywhere with a step-by-step workbook. Flipping into bridezilla mode is highly doubtful for those women following this detailed checklist.

Ideally, you ought to start planning at least six months prior to the big day. Those who’ve already moved closer to the saved date needn’t worry. You’ll just have to start right away. Who knows, you might even have most of it covered.

Giving you an insight into all the things you’ll need to book, buy and borrow; the WTM Wedding Workbook is your bible to the perfect wedding. With this by your side, you’ll never have to say something slipped out of your mind.

With a calendar of things to do every week up to the due date and to the things you need to take care of after the function, we’ve covered it all. Preparing a guest list just got a lot easier. Planning your budget has never been more organised. That’s not all; we’ve put together a special plan for your photographs, music and flowers.

The best part about it all is that you can grab your own copy of this exclusive workbook for free from our website or simply scan this QR code for an instant download.


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