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Q: What make-up colours will make my blues eyes pop?
A: Unlike popular belief, wearing blue eye shadow doesn’t really work. They don’t make your eyes bluer; they actually do the opposite. The artificial shade is usually an intense hue; this will make your natural blue look faded.

The best way to emphasise your blue eyes is to wear hues that are on the opposite end of the colour wheel — and that’s orange! Brown with an orange undertone is a great choice for the eye shadow and blush.


Q:How can I prevent frizzy hair?
A: Wavy and curly hair have natural frizz because their follicles bend and twist in different directions when left to air dry. Damaged hair and humidity also help to form annoying swirls. However, there are several solutions to the problem.

One of them is the keratin treatment, which coats the hair with proteins and fixes broken bonds that cause the frizz. Another simple remedy is to brush your hair from root to end to help distribute natural oils. This also helps fight humidity and keeps the strands in place. Pick a boar bristle brush for the best results.

June-2014_Beauty_tips_03Q: What is the best way to apply eye cream?
A: The first thing to remember is to use your ring finger to spread the lotion. It has the lightest touch; it won’t put much pressure on the delicate skin. Apply small dots around, under and above the eye (up to the brow bone).

The entire eye area needs to be moisturised. Don’t pull or stretch the skin. Dab it softly until you feel the cream has been absorbed. This is also a good way to stimulate circulation.


Q: I wear the most basic make-up. Can you give me some tips to add some spark to my everyday look?

There are many things you can do to add a twist to your make-up regime. Here are two styles to start you off. Wearing hot pink or rich, red lipstick for summer days is an easy to change your style without being too drastic.

Another trick is to swipe a highlighter along the tops of your cheeks and contour it with matte bronzer. Blend them until you get the desired effect. This will give the impression that you have high cheekbones, a feature that adds more character to your face.

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