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Q: Is there a trick to braiding hair better?
A: There are several video tutorials that unveil the tricks of specific hairstyles. However some general tips may be useful. The easier way to braid your hair is when it is damp or wet. Add a little bit of spray to rebellious hair while wet to hold them in the right place. Pick easier techniques if you are a beginner. It is simpler to do ones that are on one side, like a fishtail, rather than doing a French braid straight down the neck. Don’t forget; the tighter the braid, the longer it will last.

February-2014_Beauty_tips_02Q: How can you use make-up to emphasise or reduce face features?
A: Make-up can help you with light illusion. The first rule is that dark shades recede, while light pigments highlight. Use a matte bronzer two tones darker when looking to diminish; choose a luminous highlighter for the opposite effect.

For a thinner nose, apply the bronzer on the sides. Stop when you reach the nostrils and blend the luminous powder along the bridge of your nose.

Q: How can I avoid the clumps in my lashes?
A: Even the most amazing brands and after all the technology invested in the beauty industry, the key to better results rely upon the application. There are many different wands on the market; pick one that you feel most comfortable with.

As a final touch, use a clean wand to comb the lashes before they dry. The brushing doesn’t take the product out; instead it simply removes annoying clumps. You also get rid of excess mascara, giving you full, outstanding lashes.

You can downplay the width of your face by applying highlighter in the centre of it. Start between the brows and follow down the bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow above your lips and centre of the chin. You’ll love the effect!

Q: Spring and summer collections are arriving in stores. What are the winter pieces that are still worth the buy?
A: If you think racks of winter collections at good prices may cross your path, make a list of items that will remain in trend in the next season. Forget thick coats; embrace thin jackets. Consider denim, biker and bomber options, especially in prints and solid colours.

Mid-skirts and mid-dresses are also a good choice. They will continue to be in style; pick the ones in lighter fabrics. And last, but not least, add a jumpsuit to your wardrobe. Wear it with high-heeled sandals in summer.

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