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Q: My eyebrows are getting sparse. What should I do?

A: Gradual thinning of the brows is one of the effects of gaining more experience in life (aka growing older). However, sometimes it isn’t the case. Over plucking eyebrows, scratching or rubbing them too much and even pressing them too hard when applying cosmetics are other causes.

You can try to make them stronger by applying protein gel to stimulate healthy growth. Products that contain vitamin E, Aloe Vera and castor oil are other options. If you don’t see results, cover the imperfections with the many cosmetics you find in the market.

Q: Is it possible to avoid dry skin in winter?

A: One of the simplest solutions to stay away from dehydrated skin is keeping your shower in low heat. Hot water followed by cool and dry air leads to rough skin. The cold weather may tempt you to have a warm pampering shower, but be aware of the side effects.

Another way out is to pat your body while drying up instead of rubbing it. This action helps to lock in moisture. When pressing your skin too hard, you remove its natural protection and thus expose it to injuries.

Q: The weather in Bahrain doesn’t help to know when I could start wearing my boots. When do you suggest I wear them?

A: In nbso my opinion, when the calendar marks the change of season, it is time to slowly start adding autumn and winter clothes to your dress code. A light jacket and ankle boots get the green signal. However, I would leave knee-high and snow boots and winter-specific materials, such as fur and velvet, for the end of December and January.

Q: How can I apply my liquid eyeliner with better precision?
A: A way to have it even is to keep your eyes open while doing the job. I know it sounds quite impossible. However, you can facilitate it by drawing three dashes — one on the outside corner, another in the middle, and the last one along the inner part of your eyes. Then go back to the first one and start connecting them. There are never enough beauty tricks!


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