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Q: I would like to embrace the trend of making wild colour highlights in my hair. Any recommendations?
A: Dying parts of your hair blue, purple, green or red is definitely a hot trend. The ombre effect is beautifully done with eye-catching shades. However, you must be ready to consider three things. The first is that you have to bleach the hair before applying any desired tone; so if you have fragile hair you should be careful – it can damage the structure. The second one is that if you decide to do it in a whole section of the hair, retouching the roots can give you a hard time. Third, you must dress up to the style. Forget about boring clothes; you have to be stylish and have a unique sense of fashion. There is one good way out if you don’t want the effect to be permanent: hair chalks!

Q: Do you have any good tricks for smooth legs?
February-2015_Beauty_tips_02A: If you shave your legs, try to do it in the shower and wait about 15 minutes before you start shaving; the warm water softens the hair and opens the follicles. Also try to do it in the evening, because as you sleep your legs swell slightly, which can make hair retreat into the follicles. The other trick is to lather up your legs with a moisturising shaving cream or hair conditioner. This will make the razor glide easily for better results. Invest in a four or five blade razor; they let you navigate tricky areas like knees and ankles.

February-2015_Beauty_tips_03Q: I read that olive oil can be introduced to our beauty routine. Where could I use it?
A: Using extra virgin olive oil in the beautifying process may sound strange, but as a natural oil it does indeed help in some areas. To get smoother skin, add a few tablespoons of it to your bath. For dry cuticles, massage your finger tips with the oil or leave your whole hand immersed in a warm bowl of the product. If you run out of make-up remover, go to the kitchen and put a few drops on a cotton pad – and voila.

Q: Can you give me some tips on how to take care of my eyebrows?

February-2015_Beauty_tips_04A: The first thing to do is to get your brows professionally waxed or threaded every now and then. Fuller brows usually represent youth, so keep them thick, but shaped. If you have very dark eyebrows and very fair skin, lightening them up is an option to balance the super contrast. You can ask for professional advice on bleaching to have less harsh brows. Never fill them in with black pencil; even if you have very black brows, use dark brown. For a natural look, use powder instead of pencil. And don’t forget, the whole brow shouldn’t be shaded the same way, only the arc and the tail should be more defined and darker.

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