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Progress is Slow
Dear WTM team,
I appreciated the article that you printed in the February issue which looked at the achievements of the Supreme Council for Women.
As we know, in this part of the world, women do not often receive all the rights that should be due to them and it is true that the council has done some good work to address this imbalance.
However, I think it is a bit misguided to suggest that the things achieved so far are all that need to be carried out in Bahrain. I worry that just because the Council exists in such a public way, that people will become complacent. Although the Council does do some good work for women in the Kingdom, it is not nearly enough. Why do we have so few women at the forefront of politics here? Where are all the women at board-level or CEO level?
We need women everywhere to start campaigning for chance, rather than just leaving the task in the hands of the few. You will only every really know if someone is fighting your corner, if you are fighting it yourself.  Anonymous, by letter.

A Different Love
I wanted to write to say that I liked the Love Quiz that you printed in your February issue. It took into account the fact that there are many different types of marriages and unions in the world.
As many will know, in Bahrain a lot of marriages will be arranged or organised by people other than the couple. The conclusions of the love quiz were that there are many different types of love and it doesn’t matter how they come about, as long as they are valuable. I think this is a good message to send to people who don’t understand that love can grow over time.
My husband and I married after our families thought that we would be a good match. He is kind and caring and looks after me well and I am grateful that I am married to him. Shamal, by email.

Not Quite Right
I was surprised that WTM printed the article promoting the Brazilian Blowout products. In the article it said that some products are more harmful than others. I thought it would be important that the readers know that the FDA has officially warned the Brazilian Blowout company that their products contain “dangerously high levels of formaldehyde”.
The formaldehyde levels have been found in it to range between 8.7 to 10.4 per cent, even though the company claims the products are formaldehyde-free.
This chemical can cause many problems with the respiratory system, including asthma. It is a carcinogen. I just thought it is important to tell everyone that they really need to do their research before getting any kind of keratin treatment. Landria, by email.

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