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Dear WTM, After eagerly reading your article on “Juicy Lifestyle”, I went straight out and bought the new Avance Juicer. I have always enjoyed making fresh juices but found “juicing” a bit of a performance, especially cleaning the machine, which has always been a real hassle. However, there is at last this great new Philips juicer that has done away with all that awkward messy cleaning and this particular model is absolutely brilliant. Every home should have one! Easy to use and best of all, easy to clean! I also checked out Jason Vale and his innovative tasty juice concoctions! Always one for a healthy “kick”, this is the perfect way to go! Thanks for bringing it to the attention of your readers! Debbie, by email.

Wonderful Women
Hi WTM Team, I just wanted to thank you for including such interesting articles about International Women’s Day in your March issue of Woman This Month.
I have to admit that I didn’t actually know that it was International Women’s Day. For some reason, I don’t feel that this day is recognised so much in this part of the world — but it definitely should be. It actually made me feel a bit sad reading the “women of the world” article because it looks like so many countries all over the world find some way to either celebrate or campaign and I don’t feel we do enough to mark this occasion at all. We should all take it upon ourselves to think of something spectacular for next year.
Anyway, I made sure that the women in my life felt special and hopefully other people did too, thanks to your article. Leela, by email.

Fresh Faces
I think it was really good that Woman This Month decided to feature Istanbul Fashion week in the last issue of the magazine. Not enough Arab and Middle Eastern designers get exposure, I feel. Or, at least, not enough that are actually forward thinking and experimental with their designs. We see too much of the usual traditional garments that have been moderately updated and not enough of the really exciting things that have also been coming out of the region in the last few years.
I especially loved the designs by Erol Albayrak. It seems like he is really inspired by the androgynous trends that are around and it is cool to see designers from his part of the world play with gender. Lily, by email.

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