Wonder Wall

Sometimes all it takes is a lick of paint to change the aura of a room – that and hours of surfing on Pinterest. If you’re looking for a home improvement project for the new year, we’ve come up with fun makeover ideas. 

Picture Perfect

In the age of the ‘selfie’ we‘ve never had so many photographs stored on our devices – only for them to eventually get deleted. You don’t have to go too crazy but bring some human life to your living room walls with a chronicle of memories.

Ethnic Diversity

Not for the minimal at heart, an intense ethnic pattern is more Moroccan mosaic than Nordic nude. If you opt for this touch you won’t need to add anything on the sidelines, unless you’ve got a thing for lanterns – if you’re really going to be ethnic about it.

Tree of Life
Talk about a conversation starter – stencil art has become something of a revolution in interior design. Stemming from graffiti, stenciling has a lineage in military and political history. Stenciling is great if you want to add a narrative to your living room or fill it with nature. Note: it’s fiddly work!

Spinning Around

Plates, especially those collected from travels around the world, spice up a wall and do all the work for you. Best displayed in the dining room, a colourful spread of plates will create an appetising atmosphere.

Shelf Life
You get a two in one offer with shelves. Not only do they act as stand-alone features, they provide a home for your books, candles, ornaments and Buddha if you have one. Get geometric and create a collage of vertical and horizontal shelves. Mounted boxes also give a modern dimension.

Canvas Cool
If you’re one of those people who can create art out of a faceless plastic bottle, then a blank canvas is a walk in the park. Even the simplest pattern or design can lift a monotonous space and give it focal attention. Whether it’s above your bed or in the hallway, you can’t go wrong with canvas art.

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