Women’s Essentials

Seven indispensable items that every woman, despite of her age, should have in her wardrobe. Find out if you are well-equipped!

Little Black Dress
This is certainly a mandatory item! A black dress with a detail like an interesting sleeve, different fabric or embellished belt will make it unique and your BFF for any occasion. Find the right fit and wear it when you think you don’t have anything else that will make you look amazing. This Next dress is a good option for your black collection.

Classic carrier
Some brands are known for their specific pieces. This Louis Vuitton handbag is an icon to be worn at any time or age and befits most occasions. Classic items are the way to never go wrong. Collections come and go. They stay untouchable or get a small lift here or there. Do you have a special ageless bag?

Flat out
A trustful pair of ballerinas takes you from ‘comfort zone’ to ‘trendy corner’ in a flash. This colour-blocked piece from Massimo Dutti is perfect to be paired with skinny jeans or an A-line skirt. The simple footwear may be the missing piece you have been looking for to complete your outfit. Heels are not always the best option.

Timeless accessory
A classic timepiece is the fine detail to finish many looks and styles. The love for a watch is the same that you develop for jewellery. Nowadays, wearing them is more about accessorising than telling time. Leave it loose to give it the impression of a bracelet. This white and gold item from Omega is a guaranteed piece to stay in your family for generations.

Patterned scarf
A bright scarf will make your white tee or boring top stand out. This is an accessory to pull out in any season, when you are looking for a little bit of volume in your upper body. It also hides an indiscreet neckline and covers the shoulders when needed. It is a versatile piece to carry in our handbags, especially when living in the Middle East. This Mango piece reminds us of beautiful Portuguese tiles.

The perfect jacket
A tailored blazer is classic, feminine and looks great on all body types! As always, look for one that fits you well with a nice cut. Also, pick a piece that accentuates your waist if you don’t want to go back to the ‘80s or make a fashion statement. This Carolina Herrera navy style is one of those items that will last forever in your wardrobe.

Statement necklace
Looking for a variation in your look, but keeping the same style? Add a chunky necklace to impress and divert all the attention to your neck. Your white shirt and jeans or black trousers will thank you! Sometimes, one amazing piece is all you need to update your look. The Tory Burch spring/summer collection is all about impressing with details.

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