Winter Brights

The cold season is not only meant for greys and blacks. Some designers trust that a splash of colour can bring life to your days.

Rainbow Chic
Combine the coolest shades in amazing prints for the perfect scarf. Carolina Herrera brings the colour carousel to the world of accessories. Boasting amazing cuts in sober shades, the fine clothes count on smart accessories to create the illusion. Do you dare?

Red Alert
Reds are used in any season that it has nearly established its role as a basic colour. If it weren’t for those who cannot stand a whole piece in the colour of love, it certainly would be. The straight cut of these Mulberry trousers allows you to add red to your outfit, even if you’re not a big fan of the rouge style. A white or camel blouse complements the look.

Cool Blues
Do you want to perfect the ‘blue’ trend? Navy is a trusty choice. However, to be bolder, add some Klein blue to your wardrobe. The shade created by artist Yves Klein has an intense tone. Michael Kors painted his collection with strong oranges, burnt yellow and this bright blue all paired with winter’s BFF – black.

Pantone 021
All colours have many variations; a slight change can get you a new colour with a specific name. When it comes to orange, it is no different. Nevertheless, orange is orange! You can have light and dark tones. Marc by Marc Jacobs chose the original shade for its tablet cover, bright enough to be easily spotted. Should you use it to colour your handbag? Maybe not.

Dark Berries
The colour of change comes in outstanding dark tones, infusing a strong character to your look. Ralph Lauren gives structure to this handbag covered in deep purple. To enhance its brightness, pair it with white clothes. If you prefer to camouflage its grandiosity, wear a printed dress with the hue in the background.

Divine Nature
Green is a colour that rarely stands out in fashion, but when any designer makes use of it, it is done in high style. These Jimmy Choo pumps display the shade in its original form, the way we all imagine it — pure forest green. This suede pair is one of those accessories to use as the focal point of a look.

Sunset Flash
Manish Arora at Saks Fifth Avenue expressed an influence of his roots at his AW2013 fashion show in Paris. The ethnic style embellished this burnt yellow dress, one of the designer’s colour choices of the season. Hailing from the yellow family, mustard is an alternative. The darker tone matches the intensity of the moment.

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